'Design that ‘looks good’ & ‘does good’ in the marketplace…
now that’s my ultimate goal!'

Web, Mobile, Print and Video

'I envision a project from every angle…
then distill it down to elegant, meaningful designs!'



I meet with you to listen to your message,
your goals and your strategies.
I quickly get my arms around the ‘big picture’.


I take it in stages, step by step.
I start off with pencil and paper in hand,
sketching solutions as thumbnails and roughs.


Keeping in mind the latest design trends
and your company’s unique style,
I create elegant visuals for your project.


If the project calls for it, I create a prototype
as an interactive tool that will help you
further understand the interactivity of the project.

My Storyline

I am the founder of Big Mean Design Machine and specialize in goal analysis, interaction design, visual interface design, graphic design and prototype coding.

My multidisciplinary design experience ranges from website/mobile design to print design, motion graphic design as well as illustration and photography.

A graduate of the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, I believe learning is a life-long experience…to be embraced and enjoyed! I parlay that passion into my hobbies which include Photography, Painting, Music, Dance and History.